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However, it was slightly difficult to explore the relationship between the two.I attempted to do so by bringing in the relationship of Huck and Jim to the forefront, as they ventured down the Mississippi.Just as the river strengthens as its flow picks up, so does the bond between Huck and Jim as their adventure down the Mississippi begins to reach their final destination of their adventure, freedom.

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As the stream of water begins to flow toward the ocean it must develop and change, as it will branch off in many directions.

After branching off, the flow of the river strengthens as it begins travel to its final destination, the ocean.

This adventure was a coming of age experience for Huck.

I attempted to use the Physical properties of a river to show that rivers start out weak and along the way it picks up strength in its flow, as does Huck’s maturity in the novel.

In his spare, laconic style, Norman Maclean could describe beauty perhaps better, and certainly more economically, than any regional writer in recent memory.

In 1976, after retiring from a distinguished career at the University of Chicago spanning nearly five decades, Maclean virtually singled-handedly put modern Montana literature on the map with his A River Runs Through it and Other Stories.(Twain 406-407) Jim wanted Huck to be assured that his money was safe from Pap.At the point that Huck and Jim meet up on Jackson Island, this is true symbolism.Freedom to move around without having to adhere to rules and restrictions of the southern culture. Huck acknowledged his passion for freedom his third day on the island.The next day I went exploring around and down through the island.The river also acts as a main artery through which Huck passes in his transition from innocence to awareness.Along the way, Huck encounters many situations that strengthen his character about the way things are and the way things should be.The relationship between Huck and Jim becomes the mainstay of the novel.This relationship enhances and complicates the journey down the Mississippi. Although, the friendship is still very apparent throughout the novel.Huck practiced over and over the mannerisms of a girl, and Jim told him what he was and wasn’t doing right (Twain 252) It is clearly evident throughout the novel that when the two of them operated together they seem to master the inevitable.It was when they got separated, that their weaknesses stood out. In chapter XV, Jim risked giving up his own freedom by looking for Huck.


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