A2 Graphics Coursework

How did you ensure your product was made well and is suitable? I am starting to look at the type of font that I could use for the basis of the title of my magazine front cover.

Packaging is always good, as there loooaaddsss which you can talk about in your coursework folder, although it is boring as hell! i still dont know, im doing a mock next week to see how im doing and i will ask my teachers and carry on asking here iif its a good idea.

because i could spray it on but i dont know i will ask on a skate forum.

just wondering if anybody has tried it or knows about it.

thanks Haha, for my graphics course work, I made a perfume box!

This is where you decide which idea is the one you will turn into your final idea.

Produce a small questionnaire and test the three designs on your user group then evaluate the findings.

make brilliant graphics and use good quality materials.

hopefully it will work out i got 54% out of the possible 60% to take to the exam, so i hope you do well Ooh, actually, I think I remember something about projects having to have a 3D aspect - if you're just going to make a design and stick it to a skateboard, I don't think that'd qualify :/ not sure if that's entirely correct, but I think I remember my teacher saying something like that.

thanks i found out that skate companies use silk screens to apply graphics onto the board i have done this in art a few months ago.

so, i will ask my graphics teacher if it is possible for me to do this project if i mess up thats £20 wasted hopefully it will work I did Graphics and did a "Card-cut creature".


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