Acid Rain Research Paper

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Acid rain has been a threat to the world’s ecosystems since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution when machines and industry began spewing out acidic pollution into our atmosphere.

However, only in the past few decades has the problem of acidic precipitation fallout been known and studied.

The acid rain situation received top billing with environmentalist and politicians throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s.

As a result, laws were passed regulating emissions and the public in general was made aware of the acid rain threat through the media.

Now, in the twenty-first century, the question presents itself: what is the status quo on the acid rain problem?Many students, however, would like to ensure that their research paper gets a professional touch.This does not only ensures quality, but also saves the researchers time and energy.Sulfuric and nitric acids, emitted from factories and automobiles, born up into the air, caught and absorbed by the atmospheric water, is then carried by the wind.Overall the effects of acid rain on the environment have been devastating.A good research paper will attempt to address that question as well as generally define: What, exactly, is acid rain?According to Envirolink, acid is any substance that releases hydrogen ions from another substance in a given solution - thus altering that substance’s p H (power of hydrogen).Acid rain can have very devastating effects in the creatures and the vegetations.The ecosystem around us including the aquatic ecosystem is endangered by acid rains.After years of exposure to acid rain, the buffering system and natural ecological balance breaks down causing acidic problems in the soil and water and, inevitably, all forms of life that depend upon the earth’s soil and water.One main aspect of acid rain is its tendency to travel.


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