Acquainted With The Night Analysis Essay

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Frost makes his point very contradictory but it could also mean that the author is trying to express the feelings of the character when he says, “the darkest evening.” His character may be going through some very hard times which has made him depressed and very low.

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Acquainted With The Night Analysis Essay Oxford University Modern Languages Extended Essay

” The characters in the two poem are both in a journey and has come to a point where they are unwilling to go any further and find about how their future is going to be.When we first read the poem, it looks like an ordinary poem but once we go in depth and understand the meaning, it becomes so much more.Both of the poem has a very dark, gloomy and lonely setting with a really mysterious tone.His acquaintance with the night constructs a cycle of depression that he cannot escape.Frost adds to the uncertainty inherent in the poem by incorporating the present perfect tense, which is used to describe something from the recent past, as well as something from the past that is still ongoing in the present.The most crucial element of his depression is his complete isolation.Frost emphasizes this by using the first-person term “I” at the beginning of seven of the lines.But they are compelled to go further ahead despite wanting to not take the next step ahead.Frost does not have a very straight forward writing about what is going on but he puts some hints in the poem to give us an idea of what could be going on.Research Paper first draft 16th Nov 2011 In a Dark Night, I Find My Answers.The two poems “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening” and “Acquainted with the Night” written by Robert Frost are very similar to each other because of the simplistic form of language used and the uses of metaphors.


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