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More than one supervisor can be helpful for the student to gain a broader perspective on their work, various types of supervision approaches and, hopefully, make it easier to get the guidance they need [7].But several supervisors can also contribute to distress as they are not always of the same opinion, which may result in dilemmas where the student does not know how to proceed [7].The main aim of the thesis at the undergraduate level is to give students basic knowledge about the research process [1,2].

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However, there are large variations both in the amount of time that is devoted to supervision and the supervisors´ approach, which can vary between focusing on the process or the product, in this case a thesis.

The degrees of affiliation and control have been found to be related to outcomes of students writing their master thesis [5].

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The different types of supervision provide different opportunities for cooperation, which affects students´ work Studies evaluating scientific supervision at the undergraduate level are few and heterogeneous.

Two studies have evaluated it from the supervisor's perspective.Fundamentally though, students are expected to produce a thesis but they do not have the knowledge of how to do so [6].They also dedicate different amounts of time to the task and are more or less independent, confident and interested in the topic [7].Data analysis was performed according to qualitative content analysis.Physical therapy students´ experience of their supervision was dependent on the supervisors’ attributes, both favourable and unfavourable, difficulties with communication, being disregarded and affected by the supervisors’ personal views.There are a few studies exploring the students' perspective.In teacher education, students found practical-oriented supervision preferable to create a good learning process when compared to traditional supervision, which was perceived as solely focusing on the final product, the thesis [1].This was also put in the context of the current form of supervision, as individual and group supervision brought both positive and negative factors to the experience of the process.Scientific supervision as performed during bachelor courses is a regular role for lecturers at higher education institutions.In a study by Holmberg on the perspective of the learning process in business administration, they discovered that the supervisors experienced difficulty in balancing science and practice.In a Finnish study evaluating perceptions of group supervision at a healthcare institution the lecturers perceived their role as experts and coaches of teams of students who would work together [10,11].


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