Advantages Of Single Sex Schools Essay

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The teacher projected a paragraph on the board with omitted punctuation for the students to add. The other boys in the class watched him as he went to the board to add the missing comma and then tossed the ball back to the teacher.

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Although single-sex classrooms can develop stereotypes for both genders, separating boys and girls can be beneficial for the students.

Single-sex classes are more effective because they raise test scores, create fewer distractions, and make kids interested in school.

In their efforts to keep up, many boys are struggling.

Some say that this is a result of schools catering to that of a feminine ideal.

The gender gap used to favor boys, but now girls outperform boys in almost every academic subject.

"Boys are falling behind" says Christina Hoff Sommers.

Next, I will look at the experiences of Emil Pitkin and other first hand account of attending a single-sex school.

Lastly, I will look at the advantages and benefits of attending a single-sex college.

The school reform that I have decided to research is single-gender schooling.

This is the idea that students perform better academically when they are in classrooms with only classmates of the same sex.


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