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The threat to the Amish way of life is a product of ethnocentrism, which can take many forms.For the Amish, ethnocentrism manifests itself as blatant prejudice and as a belief system that assumes all Americans want nothing more than to take part in mainstream......?

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The Amish philosophy was based on the ideology of Menno Simons, the founder of the Mennonites.

It was Jacob Amman who started the Amish movement as a result of the ideological differences with the Mennonites. Subsistence Modes and Their Impact on the Amish Culture During the study of culture, one of the more important elements to take into consideration is the method by which the people subsisted.

However, Amish ways have taught us the cost of human life, when children leave their parents to old homage, people estrange from neighbors and spiritual and traditional life is cast away in paced forward life style (Hostetler, 1993).

The purpose of this report is to communicate the Amish way of life and culture to equip reader with the comprehensive knowledge and place him in a position where he can develop an understanding of diversity in human cultures.

Soon after its formation, the movement grew rapidly and its members were persecuted both by Roman church and by the faction of Martin Luther, who felt threatened by their ideology and radicalism.

The consequences of these persecutions were prayers at night and meetings at secret places.The first is the pity on a person who would not take advantage of technological advancements to ease the burden of his life and will lack the distinctiveness of individuality and modernization to decide his own way towards progress.The other view is the honesty, integrity and qualities of the saint hood in the Amish culture and traditions that portray them as the only true Christians remained on earth.His followers are now known as Mennonites (Hostetler, ...marriages, not only to avoid hereditary problems but to defuse a negative perception among the general public (Ibid).The Amish struggle with a two-front conflict: a constant battle against an ill-conceived and misleading public stereotype and an ongoing effort to keep their young people from being “tempted” to depart from the Amish way of life.The stagnant nature of Amish society has turned it into a tourist attraction but by no means neither are an archaeological discovery nor are the relics of a forgotten world.The only thing is that they have evolved their own perspective about the modernization of the other large cultures and have learned their own way to life in homogeneity with the larger society.However, in the same time another significant movement was in place to reform the church based on religious teachings of Christianity in around 1525 originated at Zurich led by Ulrich Zwingli.This group was formally named as Brethren, also known as Anabaptists meaning rebaptizers.The major principle of this group was to baptized volunteer adults rather than children and distance from the worldly desires.The aim of Brethren was to form a church free from any state and political influences.


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