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The basic music instruments are made in the Bahamas and consists of drums, cowbells, horns, whistles and brass.The drum is made of metallic oil barrels with goat or sheep skin stretched over one end of the barrel.

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The stilt dancers, street dancers, clowns and acrobatic dancers are accompanied by powerful rhythms beaten traditionally on goatskin drums, cowbells, bugles, horns, whistles and conch shells.

The Junkanoo parades are performed by groups with names like The Saxons, The Music Maker, The Valley Boys, One Family, The Roots and many more.

Dancing is another key element of the the Junkanoo parade.

In the early days the Junkanoo dance was a free spirited, free style dance where Junkanooers did whatever they wanted to do.

The Junkanoo parade in Nassau, Bahamas is the most famous one but there also similar festivals of music, costumes and dances in other Caribbean areas like the Jonkonnu in Jamaica, the Jankunu in Belize or the John Canoe in North Carolina, USA.

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In the slavery era, the slaves were only allowed to have three days off: 25th and 26th December and 1st January.There is also an interesting tour year around which brings the visitors close to the Bahamian culture and particularly the Junkanoo.Junkanoo has it's roots from the African ancestors of the Bahamians.The drum is carried under the arm and supported by a strap over the shoulder. Other instruments are the noisy flat slider clapper cowbells which are played in pairs and are shaken or struck together.The horns are another integral part of the Junkanoo music.Every weekend during that month there is live entertainment by Bahamian artists as well as demonstrations of Junkanoo costume-making and cowbell creations.There is also a Junkanoo Expo at the Prince George Wharf in Nassau, Bahamas.In the year 1976 the brass instrument was introduced.Nowadays a brass section is part of almost every Junkanoo group and harmonize well with the drums, cowbells, horns and whistles.The groups are judged in categories for best costume, best music and best theme.Learn more about history, music, dance and costumes of Junkanoo in the articles below.


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