Anger Management Thesis

Anger Management Thesis-49
People who are incapable of getting angry are also incapable of standing up for themselves.It is important then that people learn how to express anger appropriately.

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From a very early age, people learn to express anger by copying the angry behavior they see modeled around them, and by expressing angry behavior and seeing what they can get away with.

directly; that it must not be tolerated; that it is always dangerous.

People need to learn healthy and socially respectful ways to express angry feelings, Help for anger problems exists in the form of anger management programs which are coordinated interventions designed to help angry people learn and practice methods of bringing their anger under control.

In this chapter, Spielberger, Krasner, and Solomon concentrate upon the sensation that is called anger, hostility, or aggression.

Such people learn to distrust anger, to bottle it up and ignore it, to express it only in indirect ways or to use it as a weapon.

The idea that anger is dangerous is not without merit. Anger is also a critically important part of what might be called the self-preservation and self-defense instincts.

They liken anger to a state emotion and hostility to a trait, whereas the label aggression is reserved for the behavioral expression of the first two.

They refer to the structure of these three concepts as the .

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