Ap Bio Diffusion And Osmosis Essay

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A Basic Understanding of Diffusion and Osmosis The purpose of this lab was to have a basic understanding about concepts diffusion and osmosis.In this lab we had dialysis tube as a cell membrane of cell, which lets small particles pass through it and we had test tube as tightly joined surface, which doesn’t let any particles pass through it.

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And these are small enough to fit through this little pipe. He goes just through this tunnel connecting the two containers and he'll end up there, right? There's some probability he goes back, but there's still more sugar particles here than there. This solution with a high concentration is called a hypertonic solution. Hyper, in general, meaning having a lot of something, having too much of something. You might have heard maybe one of your relatives, if they haven't had a meal in awhile say, I'm hypoglycemic. Which side of the membrane has a higher or lower concentration of solute? Now, if these openings were big enough, based on what we just talked about-- these guys are bouncing around, water is travelling in either direction, and equal probability or-- actually I'm going to talk about that in a second.

So there's still more probability that one of these guys will go to that side than one of these guys will go to that side. That means that they have not-- they're feeling lightheaded. If everything was wide open, it would be equal probability, but if it was wide open, these guys eventually would bounce their ways over to this side and you'd probably end up with equal concentrations eventually.

So these water molecules, they have some type of kinetic energy.

They're moving in some type of random directions right there.

You'll eventually see the container will look something like this. There's some probability it would actually stay like this, but very likely that those five particles are going to get relatively spread out.

This is diffusion and so it's really just the spreading of particles or molecules from high concentration to low concentration areas, right?As a result we saw that small particles like glucose and iodine diffused through dialysis tube, but large particle like starch couldn’t diffuse dialysis tube.From this lab it can be concluded that small particles like glucose and iodine can pass through phospholipid’s double layer of cell membrane to provide nutrition to cell, but larger particles like starch Before Glucose test For Glucose test After Glucose test.Conclusion: As a result of the glucose test we are able to see that the glucose of dialysis tube is now presented in dilute Lugol’s solution in beaker.We also notice that the iodine of beaker’s solution is entered in dialysis tube’s starch.So my question is, what is going to happen in this type of container?Well, any of these guys are going to be randomly bumping into each other.But in the up-right direction, there's nothing to bounce into.So in general, everything is moving in random directions, but you're more likely to be able to move in the rightward direction.They're more likely to bump into things in this down-left direction than they are in the up-right direction.So if this guy was happening to go in this down-left direction, he's going to bump into something and then ricochet into the up-right direction.


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