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as it were; a thing’s place was no longer anything but a point in its movement, just as the stability of a thing was only its movement indefinitely slowed down.

In other words, starting with Galileo and the seventeenth century, extension was substituted for localization.

For the real scandal of Galileo’s work lay not so much in his discovery, or rediscovery, that the earth revolved around the sun, but in his constitution of an infinite, and infinitely open space.

In such a space the place of the Middle Ages turned out to be dissolved.

These are oppositions that we regard as simple givens: for example between private space and public space, between family space and social space, between cultural space and useful space, between the space of leisure and that of work.

All these are still nurtured by the hidden presence of the sacred.

The nineteenth century found its essential mythological resources in the second principle of thermaldynamics.

The present epoch will perhaps be above all the epoch of space.

In cosmological theory, there were the supercelestial places as opposed to the celestial, and the celestial place was in its turn opposed to the terrestrial place.

There were places where things had been put because they had been violently displaced, and then on the contrary places where things found their natural ground and stability.


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