Argumentative Essay On Oedipus The King

Argumentative Essay On Oedipus The King-54
Characters should be from noble families to emphasize the downfall that they would eventually suffer from, and this downfall with be because of Hamartia or tragic flaw. The main reason why Arthur Miller used a common man is because the traditional “fall of princes” does not appeal anymore to readers. He committed suicide because he realized that his life is useless and his death would give insurance money to his family.Tragedies, according to Arthur Miller depicts the fear of being displaced, the common man knows this fear best.The reversal of fortune in Oedipus is when the messenger revealed Oedipus, out of good intent, that the parents he knew were not really his.

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Roughly two thousand and four hundred years separate Sophocles’ Oedipus the King and Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman and yet Aristotle’s definition of tragedy almost fits the two plays exactly with just some minor modifications.

Other than these slight modifications, Miller was able to produce a tragedy fit for modern times and the common audience.

Here are some elements that fit Aristotle’s points in his theory of tragedy: The plot – Aristotle said that the plot should follow the rule of necessity and probability, meaning events should not happen with no apparent reason. Actions are directly related to the previous, starting from the prophecy that was made up to the end.

Still on the point of plot, Aristotle argues that the plot should be complex and must have Peripeteia and Anagnorisis, reversal of fortune and recognition respectively.

Conclusion A couple thousand years and still tragedy remains almost as it were then.

A katharsis is a Grecian word for a purification of emotions. Oedipus so cries that he is non worthy to be male monarch of Thebes. The lone thing that Oedipus petitions is that he take attention of his single girls. he declares that his destiny is worse than decease.

But those definitions are Aristotle and Arthur Miller being technical they looked at certain parameters and they check if it is found on stories.

If one of those elements goes amiss, they would no longer consider a play as a tragedy.

This is shown by Willy Loman’s fear of failure (Miller, 1949) Difference/Similarities and their Meaning The main difference between the two plays is the characters.

Sophocles used royalty in his play while Miller used the common man.


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