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However, when we hear someone talk about “classical music”, he or she is most likely talking about the kind of musical standards set in the common practice period, when European music became different in notation from the music of other parts of the world. Females whose sexual orientation is towards other females, as opposed to the norm have always eluded public scorn due to their manner of subtlety in expressing their desires.Because the word “classical music” is unfairly broad, it is best for music scholars and appreciators to compare classical eras, such as the Romantic era and the Baroque era. of art, in the context of this specific work it seems to encourage an interpretation of the female as constituted by the juxtaposed elements. The Philosophy of Andy Warhol, from A to B and back again. stevenweiner, "Simplicity and Complexity: Roy Lichtensteins “Stepping Out”." Last modified 2012. It should not be surprising then that quite a majority of females have once had these desires without the public knowledge, which makes them either lesbians... Music Appreciation According to Hoffer, "…using themes of other composers was an accepted practice at the time.

In this way, the work is recognized as implementing the traditional pop art style (Livingstone, p. Conversely, the woman does not take on complete form; instead, her face is depicted not in the traditional form of the human head, but as a canvas. She has long blonde hair, red lips, and a yellow dress that seems to further situate her with feminine identification.

The division between the man and woman is blurred such that they seem to dissolve into each other; this perspective on singularity is further witnessed through Lichtenstein’s slight use of pointillism on the right side and left the side of the woman and man’s faces, respectively.

While Lichtenstein produced an array of work, perhaps his work that most appeals to me are ‘Stepping Out’ (currently housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art).

There are a number of aesthetic reasons I appreciate this work of art.

I define music as an expression of deep feelings that one may not know how to express out openly (Encarta, 2009). Peter's Basilica was built in Rome, on the orders of the Roman Emperor Constantine, between 326 and 333 A. Peter's Basilica "consisted of five aisles and a wide central nave and two smaller aisles to each side." ("Old Saint Peter's Basilica," Wikipedia 2007) The aisles were divided by 21 marble......

I used to see music as something that people used as an escape means from reality. Music is an identity, an innovation, biology, furniture, music is ubiquitous, and it embraces and captures so much more that can be imagined. Roy Lichtenstein: Stepping Out Introduction Today Roy Lichtenstein, along with Andy Warhol, is recognized as a seminal artist of the 20th century Pop art movement. Stepping on Hallowed Ground Is nothing sacred anymore-not even the soldier's remains that died defending his family, country, or land While the rights for individuals, including women, children, and minorities are defended with cries that are heard by an audience of emphatic listeners, who is there to defend the battlefields of soldiers.

This means that someone has to be willing to sell what is needed.

Commerce is also something that is more economically driven, as opposed to artistically.

One recognizes the juxtaposition between Lichtenstein’s aesthetic style with cubist and surrealist perspectives; this juxtaposition of form seems to represent a subsequent inclusion of multiple voices of knowledge and understanding.

Ultimately, I appreciate this aesthetic technique in a way that explores complex social concerns with a style that has been traditionally associated with simple entertainment. Music Appreciation Music, according to Encarta Dictionary, is “sound that are usually produced by instruments or voices, which are arranged or played in order to create an effect”, “the art of arranging or making sounds, usually those of musical instruments or voices, so as to create an effect”. The basic design of the basilica conformed to the architecture of a Roman Basilica - a longitudinal hall, which includes "an atrium; a narthex or porch; a long nave flanked by side aisles; a transept hall crossing the nave; and a semicircular or polygonal apse opposite the nave." ("EARLY CHRISTIAN ART AND ARCHITECTURE," 2007) The Old St.


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