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This information is collected with the diagnostic and treatment purpose.

The primary procedure includes an interview and also a set of questionnaires.

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Divide your topics into columns to make a good assessment of your arguments.

Next, make two columns by drawing a line down the center of a piece of paper.Use one side of the paper for the arguments you will use to advocate your position and on the other side list opposing argument to your position.In each column, support each argument by citing from sources.A specialist in the field the test deals with conducts the given assessment test and controls the ability of the person with suspected disability to complete it.The procedure involves both psychological and neuropsychological testing in order to make exact evaluation of the possible disability of the person.The interview and the questionnaires are to picture the main area the person has troubles in.Conclusoin: The assessment can be called a deep research in the sphere of the suspected disability including assessment and observational methods.Every good English essay will include the question "What is your interpretation of it?" After you have formed your point of view relative to the topic, describe how to fits into a larger ethical dilemma.This is primarily due to the fact that assessment is an evaluation of a person that is suspected of having a disability, which may even relate to a medically related condition.One of the main priorities of the procedure of assessment is the evaluation of the persons capability to perform adaptive behavior.


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