Azcom Secondary Essay

Had a delicious lunch, where we had time to chat with some current med students.

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Each student had at least 3 1/2-hr interviews; some had 4 or 5 (if DO/Ph D). Almost all the questions were posted on the SDN Interview Feedback site, so that’s definitely a great resource. After the students leave, the interviewers meet and make their final decision that day (Friday).

They were very casual and the interviewers were super nice. ” One asked about my strengths and weaknesses; another asked about my greatest challenge in life so far and how I handled it; why would you be a good fit at OUCOM? Acceptances are emailed out that following Monday and that day, the official letters are mailed out as well.

I think the room holds 24 cadavers (not sure exact number). Large demonstration area in the center, with screens for students to watch from. Afterwards, they fitted us for our white coats and took ID pictures.

We thought it was kind of weird, but I assume this reduces the number of things that need to be done when the students attend orientation at the end of July.

Diane recently interviewed at OU-COM and provided us with a great review of her experience.

Diane Lui recently had an interview with the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine and was gracious enough to provide us with her experience about the interview day. If anyone else out there has interview experiences please feel free to share. For the students who are planning on getting to OUCOM the night before the interview, I recommend staying at the Holiday Inn Express or the Ohio University Inn.

When I applied I sent in 10 initial applications, and they all asked for secondary applications.

And right away I filled out 8 secondary applications.

From all the reviews I read online, those two seem to be the most comfortable.

I stayed at the Holiday Inn for about 0, so it wasn’t too bad; and another girl from my group stayed at the OU Inn and loved it. We had a group of 12 interviewees that day and everyone was really friendly; I’m pretty sure everyone was from Ohio.


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