Battle Of Gettysburg Essay

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It might also bring the recognition of the British. Meade ordered Hancocks division to come to the rescue.

Lee also needed food for his army that could not be gained from the ravaged lands of Virginia. The Federals were driven out of the wheatfield and peach orchard into a rocky area known to the men as “the Devil’s Den.” Meade ordered Sykes men into action around “the Devil’s Den.” General Hood’s troops occupied “the Devil’s Den” and were pushing forward.

The Battle Of Gettysburg Essay, Research Paper The Battle Of Gettysburg General William T.

Sherman put it best when he said “War is Hell”( Foote 1 ).

The Civil War was the largest war fought on American soil.

Over a million lives were lost and millions more were affected.Billions of dollars were spent by the United States and billions were spent by the Confederate States to fund this war.Three days were spent in the month of July of 1863 in pure “hell.” The largest battle of the Civil War was fought near a small town in Pennsylvania.Frenzel, 2 Two months earlier, the Confederates, with the Army of Northern Virginia under General Robert E.Lee, were victorious at the battle of Chancellorsville over the Army of the Potomac under Major General Joseph Hooker.The Federal Corps I was so badly hurt that it was never able to perform as a unit again and was broken up in the following winter (Bellah 12). A.) took command over Doubleday by seniority and brought troops to meet Rodes’s troops. The battle which began on July 1, became harder and bloodier on July 2, and was to be the worst fighting at it’s climax on July 3.Major General Robert Rodes’s division of Ewell’s II Corps was heading toward the federals right flank. Major General Jubal Early and his men of Ewell’s II Corps came at the precise moment to attack Howard’s exposed right flank. Lee concluded that the battle must not go any farther at this moment. Pickett’s men needed time to get ready and Ewell was getting impatient on Culp’s Hill. General Slocum had been reinforced in the morning and was ready for any attack. But before morning was over, the strong defensive line of the Union forced the Confederates back to the plane below Culp’s Hill. Every man under Lee’s command jumped into action and was ready to fight.The first Federal troops on the scene were that of Brigadier General James Wadsworth, know as the elite Iron Brigade. As Reynolds went to asset the situation, he was shot dead by a Confederate sharpshooter. When asked how he knew Lee would do this Meade said that he tried both flanks and failed and the center was the only objective left (Ward 216-222, 225). Pickett’s division had arrived and Ewell’s men on Culp’s Hill were able for more fighting.Command was passed temporarily to Major General Abner Doubleday. If Pickett assaulted the center then Ewell’s men could take Culp’s Hill and the day might be won (Ward 225-230, 239) Lee had sent the fife and drum corps to the head to play the men into their last great fight.But the best reason for marching North was that the Frenzel, 3 Army of the Potomac would probably march toward Richmond again. Sykes men moved into position on a hill called Little Round Top.The drive north would disrupt their plans and postpone the march on Richmond. With the advancing Union troops, the Confederates were overwhelmed by their power and were beaten off.


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