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I can term these as my core competencies because many people deem it only capable of achieving success through shortcuts.In as much I always strive to achieve the best, I equally understand that not everything planned turns out as expected.

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From the moment you are born the family influence begins to impact your thought process.His essays are significant as they provide a glimpse of the man behind the novels that made him famous.This collection contains most of Hesse's important essays except for the political pieces published separately in If the War Goes On ...I, therefore, strive to maintain a positive attitude regardless of the outcome of my efforts.With regards to this, it is important to note that throughout life, there are ups and downs.A child is like a sponge that absorbs ideas and beliefs.Beliefs are taught to a child in subtle ways such as just listening to the parents and their opinions from everything including politics, social problems, moral issues and even opinions about how others behave.The book is divided into two parts and the essay titles, with the year they were written, follow.Hermann Hesse was a professional writer and spent a substantial amount of his time reviewing books, assembling anthologies and writing essays.My parents’ words make more sense right now than back then. Living in the 21st century is quite a challenge, thanks to the terrible economic situation.With the issue of gender equality yet to be completely resolved, it is even harder for women. Integrity is one of the core values that define me.


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