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This view is in fact not controversial among most economists and historians (it has only been criticized by some for overstating the Fed's role)."We did it," in this context, is a paranoid quote mine by nuts who think the Fed controls just about everything.

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Ben Bernanke first achieved prominence through his academic work on the Great Depression that expanded on the work of Milton Friedman found in his Monetary History of the United States.

His Essays on the Great Depression entirely ignored works which treated the Great Depression as the result of stock market, banking, and credit imbalances.

Perhaps the Jewish bankers will claim ownership of the people?

Well, you're barking up the wrong tree if you're looking for reason in conspiracy theories.

In 2006, he started dropping the interest rate to 1% (and later to 0%) in the belief that it would lend stability to the market.

In fact, it led investors to believe it was simply a continuation of Greenspan's policies (they were right) and talk of the "Greenspan put" turned into the "Bernanke put." Bernanke reassured everyone that everything was sunshine and gumdrops and issued what are now seen to be his famous last words in 2007: In 2010, Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders got their wishes granted to audit the Fed.I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. the use of monetary policy to stave off deflation by drastically increasing the money supply.Bernanke's political views are difficult to pin down.During Bernanke's reign, most of this money sat in bank vaults as reserves hit a record high, which John Maynard Keynes called the "liquidity trap." This means Bernanke only increased the monetary base, but did not actually have an effect on the amount of money flowing through the rest of the economy.(Japan attempted to fight off deflation in the 1990s and 2000s using sustained quantitative easing and it was still not enough to bring back inflation, no matter how much they printed, giving us a good modern day example of a massive liquidity trap.) Easing is also done in small installments over a number of months so its effects can be tracked and the program can be curtailed if necessary.Bernanke was charged with general stupidity, willful ignorance, and criminal negligence due to his handling of the financial crisis.By Hanlon's Razor, he is guilty of at least the first of those charges.Alex Jones and Cenk Uygur know their market well, and that Americans are as ignorant about the situation as they are.Bernanke is a former Republican who now identifies as Libertarian.Instead he asserted that Market Capitalism was a system which always tended toward equilibrium and stability.His book's review of Minsky, the foremost theorist of how depressions occur as a result of cumulative cycles of indebtedness resulting in economies trapped in Zombie Debt situations, was: Hyman Minsky (1977a) and Charles Kindeberger (1978) have in several places argued for the inherent instability of the financial system, but in doing so have had to depart from the assumption of rational economic behaviour.


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