Bend It Like Beckham Belonging Essay

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The Hofstede analysis for Britain reports strong feelings towards individualism and masculinity.On the other hand, the power distance and uncertainty avoidance are ranked considerably low. This study indicates potential change that Britain is willing to achieve rapidly with the new generations.Jules invites Jess to a training session and Jess takes to it like water.

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Her family, who follow the Sikh faith, do not want Jess to play football, and jess naturally wishes to continue playing her favourite sport.

After a shopping trip to get clothes for Jess's soon-to-be-married sister Pinky, Jess plays football in a park and is spotted by Jules, a British female who plays for the local female footy team.

Despite this more enlightened attitude, when Pinky's future in-laws mistake Jess laughing with Jules for Jess kissing a "Gura" they wish to call off the marriage.

Homosexuality is not widely accepted by the Asian community in this film - and, Jess's friend (Tony) does not want anybody other than Jess to know of his affinity to men.

It also shows how racism and sexism appear in everyday life - and the effects and how people deal with them.

[Joe & Jess hug tightly] Men in Background: Oi, oi, oi!

One of the most driving motions through this period has been the women's movement.

Their entrance into the labour market and their growing autonomy has designed fundamental changes in their role in society and their relations with men.

Because of the taboos surrounding who she can and cannot marry or love, Jess faces various problems about who she falls in love with - namely Joe.

Her family strictly say that Jess should fall in love with only a Sikh Asian male.


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