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Eighty-five percent of brain develops by age of five and brain of child in age of three have 2.5 times more active brain than adults (Mc Carthy, 2011).

The learning experience of diverse areas in early childhood makes number of children’s brain connection and such brain cell connection strengthens by continuous new stimulation from the environment (Mc Carthy, 2011).

Children in groups that educator waits and listens what they say and educator follow child’s lead tried to use new vocabulary and to finish their sentence while children in group that educator makes correction when they use wrong grammar or vocabulary didn’t use any new words and some weren’t even to start to talk later.

Children learn language skills by interacting with immediate environment and training or simple structural changes can improve language skills of children (Bouchard & Gilles, 2011).

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The studies were conducted at daycare center with 22 educators and 174 children and language skills practice have been divided into three parts; educator wait and listen, educator follows child’s lead, and educator adjusts child’s sentence.

Practice that educators adjust children’s language shows rather few instances than educators wait and listen.

Throughout the play and education, children learn social skills along with how to deal with others and develop their own values.

Importance of Early Childhood Education In old days, people used to think that children don’t have ability to distinguish what is right and wrong so there is no need to educate them in their early ages.


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