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Read the” White Album” and author bio for Joan Didion .It felt to her like America was somehow coming apart and, as she put it, writing had become an "irrelevant act." The solution, it seemed, was to go to San Francisco and spend time with the young people who were flooding into the city just before what would become legendary as "The Summer of Love." The result of weeks of hanging about in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood was perhaps her most famous magazine essay, "Slouching Towards Bethlehem." The title was borrowed from "The Second Coming," an ominous poem by the Irish poet William Butler Yeats.The article appears, on the surface, to have little or no structure.The Saturday Evening Post, a mainstream magazine remembered for its frequent cover paintings by Norman Rockwell, assigned Didion to report and write on cultural and social topics.She wrote a profile of John Wayne (whom she admired) and other pieces of fairly conventional journalism., which was set in the world of Hollywood in which Didion and her husband had settled.(They collaborated on a screenplay for a 1972 film adaptation of the novel.) Didion continued to alternate writing fiction with her journalism, publishing three other novels: Didion and Dunne collaborated on screenplays, including "The Panic In Needle Park" (produced in 1971) and the 1976 production of "A Star Is Born," which starred Barbra Streisand.As society seemed to change in startling ways, Didion, the daughter of conservative Republicans and herself a Goldwater voter in 1964, found herself observing the influx of hippies, Black Panthers, and the rise of the counterculture.By early 1967, she later recalled, she was finding it difficult to work.She became an editor and a highly professional writer in the world of glossy magazines.She edited copy, wrote articles and movie reviews, and developed a set of skills which would serve her for the rest of her career.


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