Book Report On Night Hoops

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Setting a Purpose for Reading Ask students to read to find out who the book is about and what that person achieves in the story.

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I had never really liked reading, and I thought it was a waste of time.

But when my teacher told me to go to the library and find a book, I looked for one that I was actually interested in.

There are many resource books available with more information about organizing and implementing literature circles. Reader's Response Use the following questions or similar ones to help students practice active reading and personalize their responses to what they have read.

Three such books you may wish to refer to are: *Getting Started with Literature Circles* by Katherine L. Johnson (Christopher-Gordon, 1999), *Literature Circles: Voice And Choice in Book Clubs and Reading Groups* by Harvey Daniels (Stenhouse, 2002), and *Literature Circles Resource Guide* by Bonnie Campbell Hill, Katherine L. Suggest that students respond in reader’s journals, oral discussion, or drawings.

takes place in an outdoor playground, basketball is the world’s most popular indoor sport. Encourage students to suggest what they think the book will be about. Display the book cover and ask students to discuss the picture and talk about what the boys are doing.

High school, college, and professional seasons are typically during the winter months in North America. Then ask students what they notice about the cover illustration. Once it is established that the illustration is a photograph, encourage students to look more closely. If students are not familiar with the term “collage,” explain what a collage is and ask students how they think the term applies to the cover illustration.

After students have read the book, ask them to think about these questions: Could this book have been about me? Vocabulary Next, have students work in pairs to find each word in a dictionary.

Ask them to write two sentences using each word, one sentence about basketball and once sentence about another topic.

Then let students create their own photo collages using either real photographs or reproductions cut from newspapers and magazines.

You might suggest that students choose a favorite sport or hobby as the subject of their artwork. Review what students know about similes, expressions that compare two things using the word “like” or “as.” Then have students tell who or what is being compared in each of the following similes from the story.


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