Case Studies In Cultural Diversity A Workbook

Bias occurs when a person has preconceived opinions that prevent or hamper the ability to remain impartial.

Bias isn't always bad if it's based on specific situations and not applied to broad groups of people.

People from many different cultures with different values, faiths, and sets of beliefs call the US home. Diverse perspectives allow for a variety of approaches to problem solving, testing and developing new ideas, and cultural expressions such as art and music.

One of the reasons why the US has a well-developed policy of freedom of speech is to promote communication among a variety of people with different experiences.

Behaviors such as bias and stereotyping are part of the system of cognition, where the brain makes decisions.

In ambiguous situations people use their biases to help them make decisions.

For example, you can be biased against a cousin who always borrows money and never pays you back. These are exaggerated or oversimplified notions applied to certain groups of people.

When a person expects a person of a particular race to be dishonest, for instance, issues of fairness can arise.

In this lesson we will discuss the problems brought on by cultural diversity as it relates to the criminal justice system.

Diversity takes many forms, but this lesson will focus on cultural diversity.


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