Case Studies In Education Classroom Management

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(2) Do students from the study classrooms confirm what observers report as on-/off-task behavior?

To address the first research question, data from a fixed category classroom observation system that focuses on classroom management and instruction and data from this researcher’s field notes and teachers’ written reflections during post-observation debriefing/coaching sessions have been collected.

Often these cases have an epilogue, which completes the story. They can be standard written cases, Power Point presentations, movies or movie clips, or even TV or news stories. Case studies can be done individually, but are usually done in a small group so students can problem solve together as a team.

Regardless of the type of case, they all: Common Case Elements Most cases, whether legal, business, or other, have the same common elements. A decision maker who has a problem that needs to be solved. The Case Study Method The case study method is two-parted.

Usually these projects are done by a group of students, as group learning is often more effective. The students can learn from the original participants in the case, whether it is business people, doctors, or other professionals. At the time, law schools used the Dwight Method of teaching, which was a combination of lecture, recitations and drills.

The students are able to take over a case, and dissect key information in order to find solutions to the problems. This method focused highly on memorization, and didn't allow for much actual learning, just rote repetitions. He required his students to only read cases, and to draw their own conclusions.

The findings from this study indicate that student off-task behaviors during cooperative learning increased from the first to the second observation, and decreased from the second to the third observation.

In addition, the student survey and student interviews confirmed the observation data, with the interviews having a higher confirmation rate than the survey.

The survey, interviews, and written reflections triangulated with the observation data to provide a confirmatory data set.

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