Case Studies In Forensic Science

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Near about entry door 16-17 kelu (bricks) were found removed from their normal position and thus creating a hole in the roof.

The height of roof from the floor was found approximately 15 feet.

A wooden framework and clay-tiles made the roof of the room. expressed allegation that the suspect closed room from inside and set her to fire and then he remove clay-tiles of the thatched roof and ran away.

The garments of husband of deceased were found moistened by kerosene. The spot examination was carried out in the light of above allegations and observations of the team are explained in the next section.

Below this hole, partially burnt newspaper was spread on the stone slab having dimension approximately 7'x1' and height 6' from the floor.

The dust and other objects were found undisturbed on this stone slab.It seems impractical that one can remove the clay-tiles from inside without using stone slab or without taking ladder like support. The removed kelu were lying haphazardly and scattered in all directions and some of the removed kelu were found some 7-meter apart from the created hole.Some wooden sticks that support the kelu were found broken.It is generally best to suspect the worst, a homicide.In an interesting case study, it was reported that a burnt dead body of a lady was laid inside her house when the doors of the room were bolted from inner side and windows were found opened.The edges of the broken and bent stick were seems to be fresh and dusting on this was found intact.Except on the fresh broken part, blackening and soot deposition was observed on the floor facing part of this stick. and above observations the discussed crime scene may be reconstructed in following manner. She bolted room from inside and put herself to fire. x tried to save her and finally he went to the roof.But, sometimes forensic expert helps through examination of spot, reconstruction of the same and another aspect to find out the actual truth behind the crime [3]. that whether the matter is related to suicide or is a homicidal attempt.In the present study demonstrated the scientific perspectives and careful observations in crime scene investigations. A lady was found burnt inside the room when the room was bolted from inner side.The latch of door was found intact and soot deposition was observed.The backside double panel iron exit door was found bolted and locked from inner side.


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