Case Study Of Human Rights Violation In Philippines

Case Study Of Human Rights Violation In Philippines-66
In January 2001 the High Court stopped three powerful news organisations from publishing the details of two 18 year-olds who had served custodial sentences for a murder they committed when they were 10 years old.The judge said the injunctions were necessary because of "real possibility of serious physical harm and possible death".

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A young man called Graham Gaskin was very badly treated in care for many years.

He wanted to read his social services files, which were kept by Liverpool City Council. Graham Gaskin went through the courts in the UK to try and force the Council to let him see his files, but the courts agreed with the Council.

For more on children’s rights, visit the CRAE website.

In January 2010 the European Court of Human Rights said that police blanket 'stop and search' powers, introduced under counter-terrorism legislation, are unlawful as ethnic minorities were disproportionately more likely to be stopped and searched.

Councils must now keep files concerning children in care for 75 years.

In 2004, a 16 year-old girl called Shabina Begum complained to the UK courts about her school’s uniform rules.The Law Lords found the ban on corporal punishment to be legitimate and proportionate.In November 2004 the European Court of Human Rights said an 11 year-old boy did not have a fair trial because he did not understand the consequences of any penalty, including imprisonment.In 2007, the families of two boys who had died in custody, during or after being restrained, complained to the UK courts about a new law which allowed staff to use physical force a lot more often on children in some prisons (called Secure Training Centres).The lawyers said that the new law breached the boys right to prohibition of torture.So he took his complaint to the European Court of Human Rights.The European Court of Human Rights said the Council had breached Graham Gaskin’s rights.The Court agreed he needed to see his social services files in order to try and make sense of his childhood and his treatment in care.As a result of Graham Gaskin’s complaint, which was decided by the European Court in 1989, it is now much easier for people in care or in contact with social services to see information that is written about them.The UK Court of Appeal agreed and said that the new law was in direct conflict with human rights law. Two children and an adult got help from lawyers to complain about the police.They had been stopped and searched by the police while at a protest in Kent about protecting the environment.


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