Case Study Questions And Answers In Business Studies

In my opinion, marks must be awarded, both, for Delegation and for Decentralisation as the case study gives hints pertaining to the two of these concepts, but answers like STAFFING would unfortunately get no marks.We have been hearing a lot about business studies from you guys recently which must mean that you’re not feeling super confident about the exam coming up 🤔 .

For each business, look at all the possible ways in which its practices can be linked into the syllabus.

Doing so will really help you to develop a clearer idea about which business is most suitable for which topic.

A common query is how many case studies you should prepare.

Whilst there’s no limit, it’s best to have around 2–3 case studies as preparing only 1 can be quite restricting if the question you get doesn’t suit your business.

Half have written Delegation and half have written Decentralisation.

Majority of the teachers say it is DELEGATION but many points in the case study point towards the possibility of it being Decentralisation.

Particularly with larger businesses that operate in different countries, this aspect of globalisation has had a significant impact on the product design and development role of operations management.

A prime example of this influence can be seen in the operations management of Mc Donalds.

Effectively using case studies means having a good understanding of how the business relates to different components of the syllabus.

Furthermore, top students only use case study examples that are relevant for the question.


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