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The reason, I believe, is quite simple: it articulates with great clarity the existential awakening of the individual. And for this reason, it has gained an almost universal quality; resonating with a deeply felt sense of the human predicament.

More than that, in fact, it explores the problem at length and, by the end of the book, provides a series of examples of individuals who went beyond the Outsider problem; the founder of Quakerism, George Fox; the esoteric psychologist, G. Wilson describes the essence of the book in his important essay, ‘Below the Iceberg’: “[The] book [is] about ‘Outsiders’, people who felt a longing for some more purposeful form of existence, and who felt trapped and suffocated in the triviality of everyday life.” “[It’s] a book about ‘moments of vision’, and about the periods of boredom, frustration and misery in which these moments are lost.

Since then I have been assisting his widow, Joy, to sort his papers and manuscripts in preparation for their transfer to the archive.

Much of this has been achieved and the University now not only holds copies of all his printed work but also a significant amount of his manuscripts, letters, journals and assorted papers.

Of course, the occult and the esoteric, along with paranormal research, is often rejected by the scientific mainstream, and to bring all these subjects together to shed some light on an already difficult subject would seem, to most, entirely illogical.

That is one desires that the UFO phenomenon to be validated – or debunked – by the scientific establishment.

In this paper he argued, very convincingly, that , delivered the last paper.

He chose, not surprisingly, to speak on Colin Wilson’s transcendental theory of evolution in an attempt to provide a link between recent scientific research and Colin Wilson’s ideas.

The following day there was a meal for the speakers and special guests at a local restaurant.

which often informs the absurd and mind-bending nature of the UFO mystery.


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