Comic Strip Assignment

"Devise role plays based on these comic strips to challenge more advanced learners," Another innovative way of exploiting comics for language learners Lavery mentions is to investigate humor from a cross-cultural perspective.Introduce the theme of humor with a comic, then let students discuss it in small groups.Through her articles and blogs, she highlights their positive contributions with the intention of connecting and inspiring people from down the hall and around the world.

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The discussion could include sharing what constitutes humor in each student’s country of origin to discover commonalities and differences in what is considered funny in different cultures and parts of the world.

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Upon finishing the book, we went back to their comic and discussed how probable the conversation they wrote would have been given the story's outcome.

Another assignment I've given to intermediate students was to do a six-frame summary of a gothic short story in a comic strip format.

The visual element that supports the text functions like an illustration in the aforementioned picture book but is a whole lot cooler — an important consideration for language learners who are at an age where they feel put down when asked to engage with something they see as too babyish.

Regardless of age or level, the novel and playful quality of comic strips helps students let down their guard.

Lessons that include comics work well for a full range of language and grade levels.

A simple jigsaw activity where students put frames of the comic strip in the correct logical order can be adapted to prereading groups by using comics without words.

Do you want to share your kids’ masterpieces with the world (or at least with Grandma)? They draw, play and use their incredible imaginations to create fantasy worlds and characters that are funny or powerful or really, really silly.

In this article, I’ll make you a hero by empowering your kids to write, draw and publish your very own comic. A comic strip is a new way to channel their creativity—to capture it in pictures and words.


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