Compare And Contrast Essay On Men And Women Communication

In such groups there sometimes happens to be a 'group leader' though not out rightly said.Such a 'leader' in most cases happens to be the one who is a prowess in some kinds of games they play or in whatever activities they partake in or he may be the brightest in class.

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The opposite is true for women; they are more talkative in private than when in public.

Females are said to be more vulnerable when it comes to their emotions.

Women are most likely to break down in situations with a lot of pressure.

Most men avoid crying since it is considered as weakness.

This is because they also want to prove themselves right.

Men are also said to be more talkative when in public than in private.Though people say that this is a stereotype, it can be generalized that females communicate more than males.This is on average because some men actually communicate more than women.Recent scientific research has shown that males and females approach issues differently.Therefore, if they thus think differently then they are bound to behave and act differently too.Females also have different communication styles from males.Most females avoid confrontations and arguments and are generally inclined to agree while men most likely to dispute many issues.Since communication in the different genders differs this also affects their socialization and the way they relate to their peers.When growing up boys tend to play or walk around in groups.In fact men really avoid talking face to face or eye contact.Males also do not indulge in physical contact besides a handshake or a pat in the back because in most cases they associate physical contact with sexual desires.


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