Comparing Paintings Essay

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The advertisement from Sugar, is for 'L'Oreal Paris Colour Pulse Hair Dye'; the advertisement from Style is for 'Clinique Autumn 2004 close up on lips: modern metallics'.

All advertisements are aimed at specific target audiences and as such require different ideas, linguistic devices A Comparison of Two Advertisements Advertising is a tool used by businesses to inform us about their products and to persuade us to buy them.

Eventhough there is a great difference in the length of time when these two paintings were done, there are some similarities and certainly lots of visual differences in them.

From the paintings one can tell the period of their creation.

Article two however stands back and looks at the problem, why it has arisen and A Comparison of Two Newspapers There are many tabloid and broadsheet newspapers but now however there are online versions of these popular papers.

Two examples, one tabloid and one broadsheet, are The Mirror and The Guardian.

The main similarity that I find in these two paintings is the floating bodies in the sky.

Both give a disturbing feeling when I look at them.

Perhaps because floating bodies remind me of ghosts and spirits.

However, in Somnambulist Mall Walking, there are women and men, whereas in Golconda only men are involved in the painting, the same men with the same outfits repeated over and over again.


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