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Creative problem solving requires more than just knowledge and thinking.Creative problem solving always involves creativity. However, creativity often does not involve creative problem solving, especially in fields such as music, poetry, and art.

Creativity requires newness or novelty as a characteristic of what is created, but creativity does not necessarily imply that what is created has value or is appreciated by other people.

To qualify as creative problem solving the solution must either have value, clearly solve the stated problem, or be appreciated by someone for whom the situation improves.

By having effective problem-solving techniques in place in an organization, the task of running the operations of the business becomes very easy and the firm can quickly attain the desired growth and success.

Problem-solving techniques involve having a solid plan in place in an organization because proper planning aids them in being prepared ahead of time.

It allows them to solve complex problems confronting their teams with a shared collaborative and systematic approach.

Also, the stakeholders that are involved in running an organization must have creative problem-solving skills at their disposal.It is important for business managers to be prepared to find ways to solve the problems confronting them.Problem-solving techniques are the methods used by stakeholders involved in the running of the business organizations to proffer solutions to the challenges hindering the growth of their business operations.Without effective problem-solving techniques, the growth of a business firm will be stalled and this results in painful consequences.In an organization, the problem-solving team is responsible for generating problem-solving techniques that are used in confronting the problems that the organization is faced with.A problem-solving flowchart is a diagram that gives a description of how an organization solves its problems.It gives a visualization of the process used in solving organizational problems.The company was struggling to expand its business operations but the management members were able to creatively solve this problem by selling the shares of the company.With this, the company was able to raise funds required for its expansion.Creative problem solving is the mental process of creating a solution to a problem.It is a special form of problem solving in which the solution is independently created rather than learned with assistance.


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