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) and some will not (you arrived back at the airport on time*).As a writer, your first job is to decide on the particular story you want to tell, and the events which make up that story.The life of an influencer looks even more fabulous. It requires long hours, constantly pitching yourself and your ideas, being tech and photo savvy, and is often paid in experiences, which don’t pay rent or student loan debt. Like how sometimes marketing companies pay them to go on trips, how they don’t always eat the food they post photos of on Instagram, that that “candid” shot took 100 takes, that they don’t visit every place they write about, that click rates determine which articles get posted, that almost no one’s Instagram following is as it appears, and more.

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There is very little understanding of food and travel writing beyond that,” said writer Renee Alexander. “One major misconception is travel writers get paid to travel.

No, I get paid to write and edit, so I’m usually losing money while traveling because it cuts into work time,” said writer Meredith Bethune.

Some trips have a physical objective (reaching the top of Kilimanjaro, crossing Costa Rica, seeing a tiger) that gives your article direction and purpose.

The reader (hopefully) sticks with you because they want to know if you’ll achieve your goal.

You can use drama, humour, dialogue, (or all three) – but those first sentences must grip like glue. Whenever you travel, make notes of what people say and how they say it.

‘Showing’ and ‘telling’ are two everyday storytelling techniques you probably use without realising.

“You’re not a traveler who’s writing, you’re a writer who’s traveling,” travel writer Diane Daniel told me.

“You will not be on anything resembling a vacation (to be successful at least) and half your time will be gathering menus, open/closing hours, etc., and you’ll visit a week’s worth of places in a day.” Travel writing often goes beyond reviews or the ‘go here, do this’ type of article, which is something many travel writers feel their audiences don’t understand.

To see the kinds of stories that get published, look at the bold line of introductory copy (known as ‘standfirsts’ in the trade) of articles in papers, magazines and websites.

Try writing the standfirst for your own story, and then use it as your brief.


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