Critical Thinking Flaws

Critical Thinking Flaws-80
On the other, there are emotional people getting better and better at making their emotional tells into subtle, subconscious cues, and also getting better at picking up on them.

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Thanks to the internet, we’re living in the age of information, but also the age of misinformation.

We’re subject to fake rumors, urban myths, marketing claims that are highly motivated to misrepresent the facts, friend of a friend stories, whether they’re innocent and fun, or malicious and trying to steal our money and lure us into a scam, as well as people trying to influence our thoughts and behavior, or our political thinking and our voting.

, another classic text for critical thinkers and skeptics.

This course is about metacognition, thinking about thinking itself, and scientific skepticism, and that includes systematic doubt, essentially questioning the process of your thinking, everything you think, and everything you think you know.

They won't even want to put themselves in a position where they might have to, so illogical people may have more opportunities.

The exact prisoner's dilemma structure is not essential. Do you prefer someone who will sacrifice their career, their time, their money, etc.The logical person is the better target, since they will simply give up their wallet, then later call the police. That's bad for him because he might get shot, but it's bad for you because you might get hurt, or you might run away, or you might shoot him and the police will put some actual effort into tracking you down.If you're an illogical, angry person and you can signal it, you're less likely to get order to raise the children as best they possibly can, even if doing so is draining and unrewarding? It is a signal to the other person, "I am going to start acting illogically now.Or else do you want a heartless logical bitch who will just tell you to hire a nanny, then cheat on you with the pool boy? You had better rethink your strategy because I'm about to disregard my own interest and thereby become really dangerous."Something similar applies to other emotions. Say you don't want to spend time with me because you're busy.Socrates said, The brain is an organ that can think, remember, feel, believe, calculate, extrapolate, infer and deduce.It does everything we think of as thinking, it’s self-aware, and it’s not only the most complicated organ we know about, it maybe the most complicated organ in the universe. It’s also the root of many of our flaws and weaknesses.As consumers every day we have to sort through these deliberately deceptive claims to figure out which ones are reliable and which ones aren’t. Critical thinking is a defense mechanism against all the machinations that are trying to decieve us, whether for ideological, political, or just marketing reasons, and it also liberates us from being weighed down by false beliefs, and perhaps mutually incompatible beliefs that we tend to hold because of our emotional makeup. Many companies will use pseudoscience, or even anti-science claims in order to backup their marketing and products. Pretend to be in love with the 70-year old tycoon, marry him, then stab him in the back and run off with the sexy young stud.To prevent this, people using emotion to signal their state of illogicality should make the signs progressively more subtle and harder to fake.


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