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A key step of the process is a one-pot partial reduction of a symmetrical imide with a sequential dehydration step.

A key step of the process is a one-pot partial reduction of a symmetrical imide with a sequential dehydration step.The synthesis uses several continuous-flow steps to increase sample throughput and was used to prepare approximately 0.5 kg of the material over several batches in Platinum has been an almost uniquely important element in the history of coordination chemistry.

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Polymer acids were used to control the growth the zirconium-based metal–organic framework Ui O-66.

In contrast to Ui O-66 modulated by small molecules, structurally analogous polymer acids provide small particle sizes and narrow size distributions over a wide concentration range, including highly sub-stoichiometric.

Nanoparticle delivery systems have significant potential to improve the delivery of many therapeutics.

However, they are limited by their ability to effectively migrate through the roadblocks inherent within a biological system.

The popularity of this approach reflects its stepwise nature that lends itself to the predesigned construction of metallocages and especially heteronuclear metallocages.

Recent representative developments for the construction of discrete polyhedral metallocages are presented.) was successfully synthesised by a hydrothermal method.

Platinum and its complexes continue to be hugely important in applications ranging from catalytic converters to cancer chemotherapy and is a focus of much work on electrocatalysts for new energy systems.1-Hydroxyimidazoles may exist as two prototropic tautomers: N-hydroxyimidazoles and imidazole N-oxides.

By means of IR spectroscopy, it was demonstrated that in the 2-(3-chromenyl)-1-hydroxyimidazole series in the solid state, the increase in general electron-withdrawing effect of the chromenyl moiety leads to the prevalence of the imidazole N-oxide tautomer.

Monomeric and oxo-bridged dimeric manganese complexes of two flexible, anionic, [1 1] macrocycles, derived from diphenylamine-2,2′-dicarboxaldehyde and either diethyl- or dipropylenetriamine, are reported: both facial and meridional binding modes are observed.

A new, chromatography-free synthesis for the preparation of an experimental UV-B absorber is reported.


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