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Let us now try to understand the different types of curves which have varying definitions and properties.

Moreover, they can also hold an infinite number of intersection points.

A transcendental curve isn’t a polynomial based on x and y.

Such type of curves creates a path which may start from any point and conclude at the same point. It can be called as a design with no endpoints and stays on a flat surface.

For your information, a closed curve doesn’t necessarily have to be a curve. A simple closed curve is a connected curve which doesn’t cross itself and concludes at the same point from which it began. Usually, the curved lines are classified into two forms, that is, algebraic curves and transcendental curves. Algebraic curves can be defined as a plane curve in which the set of points are situated on the Euclidean plane.

Mathematicians from the past used to stay very curious related to curved lines.

In present-day mathematics, the curved lines are utilized for graphical representation of functions.

When I was around thirteen, I plunged into a state of permanent dysthymia/ existential dread, quitting Musical Theatre for good, finding that my relationship with my emotionally abusive singing teacher had become too much for me to bear, contemplating suicide when I failed a math test for the first time, deciding that I was tired of being known as “the nice girl” and would much rather be a bitch. That summer, couched in what was otherwise the best period (seriously no pun intended) of my life, my late girlhood, ages 8.5 through 12.5, my first period at eleven was, well, a rough week psychologically.

In other words, I outdid myself in the teen angst department with a force of such seriousness and such permanence that I maintain it was not simply angst or excessive hormones but actually an Eighth Life Crisis. But I survived, as it were, and walked through to the other side as a sort of child-woman.

In a simple manner, the curve which doesn’t represent an algebraic form is called as a transcendental curve.

Such curves can have an infinite number of intersecting points together with a straight line.


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