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The business of milking is very popular in every corner because everyone likes to drink milk daily and also uses many milk product regularly.But, cattle farming with modern milk production techniques or method in this business can help in earning a huge income in a very short interval.

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Also, a good support of veterinarians and nutrition experts is also required for managing animals health.

Milking or extracting milk with advanced techniques is more beneficial rather than milking traditionally because it requires laborious effort as well supervision.

Small milk producers need big efforts and grow slowly, whereas big milk producers require more capital to obtain good returns from this business.

Whatever is this, this business requires good management and care such as milking (milk extraction), feeding, diseases control measures, whether it may be a small or large scale business.

And, also this business does not require much skill to manage.

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Besides this, this business also brings a great opportunity for these unemployed, educated and also the illiterate youth.One can start this business by keeping only one or ten cattle also and can increase this business up to large scale in the following years.Anyone can start this business having Rs 50000 or one lack as the initial capital investment. You should be well aware of which breeds should be raised so that your business can be more profitable.A proper housing for cattle will helps you in protecting them from strong sunlight, high humidity, snowfall, frost, heavy rainfall, strong winds, and also from endo as well ectoparasites. A heavy rainfall with cold climate is also a major cause of climatic stress.Nowadays, there are several techniques, available to get relieved from such problem.However, with a good and effective strategic plan in this business, anyone can earn millions of money from it.However, there are also some of the problems in the dairy farming business.Whatever is this, starting a dairy business is easier than starting other business.You can supply your collected milk to your nearby region or to the companies for the process of dairy.Nowadays, their many degrees are studied in this business such as agriculture, dairy science, and other related fields degree.But, you need a good practical base experience in this field to become a successful milk producer.


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