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Dbq Essay Booker T Washington-21
Then he proposed working either industrially or agriculturally since their education would be based on "what is practical" and "what would best fit [the] young people for the work life" (Doc G).

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During the Chautauqua Movement, many African Americans were pulled out of schools. For the time period, Washington overall offers a more effective and appropriate proposition for the time whereas Du Bois's approach is precedent to movements in the future. Washington, a man condoning economic efficiency had a more gradual approach as opposed to Du Bois, whose course involved immediate and total equality both politically and economically. Despite having that in common, the two men had polar approaches to that goal. Du Bois, both early advocates of the civil rights movement, offered solutions to the discrimination experienced by black men and women in the nineteenth and twentieth century.It was not until about fifty years ago that Black Americans were granted full and equal rights. Washington’s strategy was a conscious one; he thought everything would come eventually and he urged his followers to bide time. B Du Bois took antithesis views on segregation; one being pacifying and conscious, and the other immediate and radical.Blacks were referred to as “colored” and were separated from whites.Public utilities such as water fountains for bathrooms were segregated. He knew his outrageous demands would not be fulfilled immediately, but expects they will in time. Washington also believed that Black Americans should have the right to vote and civic equality but was willing to adapt to the lifestyle already created for them. Ferguson, it was ruled that separate box cars for blacks and white was fair. Washington was willing to cope with this type of ‘equal’ separation; Du Bois was not. B Du Bois were contradictory during the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century.Du Bois has a much more immediate strategy; he wanted affirmative action instantaneously.Washington used his slow paced plan to create schools of industry such as the Tuskegee Institute.


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