Descriptive Essay On Dying

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I have written previously about the impending death of the great neurologist and author Oliver Sacks.

Recently he published another moving piece in the New York Times.

And you blame your body for your fear of its painful demise. Is it not reasonable that there is no compromise possible in this? The body neither lives nor dies, because it cannot contain you who are Life.

Fascinated with both, you make an idol of death by presuming in death you escape from the pain of your isolation. Either all things die, or else they live and cannot die. The body is merely a symbol of what you think you are and is clearly a separation device which does not exist.

Think how alone and frightened is this little thought, this infinitesimal illusion, holding itself apart against the universe.

The sun becomes the sunbeam's "enemy" that would devour it, and the ocean terrifies the little ripple and wants to swallow it.

Your human memories tell you this is how you know God. You cannot split your mind up and leave your body behind. Time, for which death is the witness, is but a point of view imposed on eternity and serves merely as a justification to maintain your own will separate from Universal Mind. And to defend this little speck of dust it bids you fight against the universe.

It too is only a thought in your mind and is changed in an instant and included into your true eternal nature. This fragment of your mind is such a tiny part of it that, could you but appreciate the whole, you would see instantly that it is like the smallest sunbeam to the sun, or like the faintest ripple on the surface of the ocean.

Yet you do find yourself trapped for a moment within your own virtual reality in a game you call "existence." It seems you play it endlessly in your vain defense against the frightening moment of your own termination.

Indeed, you are in an impossible situation in your own mind even though it lasted only for a moment.


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