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b) "A fight to save the 'cities'" by John Pope, States Item, May 1, 1975.

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e) Historic Vicksburg Welcomes You: America's Red Carpet City. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station, Laboratories. g) Tour Guide Vicksburg: Civil War Tour Vicksburg National Military Park. gg) "Thanks for the trousers" by Thomas Griffin, February 4, 1974. Pamplets: g) Argus Parade information cards h) Program for Krewe of Zeus: Bi Centennial Year Salute "Ten Flags in the Wind, the story of Louisiana" February 1, 1976. k) "Katie [Wainwright, Rep in District 73." (campaign paper) l) "A trailblazer leaves state office [Mary Landrieu]," , March 6, 1966. gg) "The passing of a gentle champion" by Pie Dufour's, December 12, 1974. Clement, featuring: "A Mother's Day reflection," "Ponchatoula's Bella Rose Mansion," "The Silver forest," "Slidell's good news," "Tulane primate research," "Inline Skate," and "My neighbor," May 1995. p) “Hammond students have leading roles in play on Dec. “Warrens Tempers Pessimism with Humor and Sattire”. September 16, 1990 Invitation to Navajo Weavings Exhibition at the New Orleans Museum of Art on April 16, 1977 Invitation to “Art from Zaire” exhibition at the New Orleans Museum of Art on April 23, 1978 Brochure for Aboriginal Metalwork in Lower Central America at Isaac Delgado Museum of Art in New Orleans. j) -Shreveport - Bossier, La.: A Great Pair with Southern Flair! k) -Shreveport-Bossier, Louisiana: A Great Pair with Southern Flair! l) -Shreveport- Bossier, Louisiana: A Great Pair with Southern Flair! z) "July 4th Significant Date to Louisiana Prior to 1776" by Claire Puneky. y) "The Word Was a Colloquialism [batture]" by Hermann Deutsch. w) "Enduring Native Architecture Boosts New Orleans Fame," April 16, 1968. d) "A better way to run colleges" Sunday Advocate, June 9, 1991. September 25, 1991 Letter from Tom Matheny to Ellis Magee. September 19, 1991 Letter from Christopher Matchett to Tom Matheny. March 8, 1991 Folder 1- Baton Rouge Articles, Maps, and Brochures (48 items) New Orleans pop-out map (2004) Souvenir Condensed History of New Orleans. c) "The Holy Name Connection" by Renee Peck, Times Picayune, August 24, 1986. September 10, 1991 Invitation to Ben Baggert fundraiser. Letter to Miss Eastman from Ethel May Gerde-corresponding secretary for Woman’s Auxiliary to the National Council Protestant Episcopal Church-January 26, 1951 3. Constitution and By-Laws of the Woman’s Auxiliary to the National Council Protestant Episcopal Church Diocese of Louisiana 6. i) The Despot's Song by "Ole Secesh." Folder —Recipes a) Plain cookies. c) Southwest Baked Beans, Curried Tomato Noodle Soup, and Ritzy Rice Pudding. g) Mama Loretta's Stuffed Bell Peppers, Sweet and Sassy Tongue, New Orleans Style Sweet Noodle Kugel, and Loretta's Crusty Bread Pudding. s) "Recapturing a 'Lost' Art of the Acadians," , July 6, 1975. l) "Louisiana's Answer to Williamsburg" by Damon Veach, Sunday Advocate, April 15, 1979. i) "City flower just as deadly as rattlesnake" by Pie Dufour, n. j) "Dollar tour impresses visitor" by David Chandler, —Opelousas a) "Ancient Tournoi Planned at Opelousas Celebration," n. Packet of papers/forms including: Christian Education, United Thank Offering, Branch annual report of the Woman’s Auxiliary 1951-1952, promotion, supply, Christian social relations, Please answer all questions form 5. Note with following dates: September 1937, May 1938, June 1940-notes on minutes of meetings 2. f) "Pizza-flavored sticks score points with kids", recipe for Italian Biscuit Sticks with sauce. j) "Candid letters challenge governor's presence" by Steven Watsky, n. k) "La.'s reputation riding on referendum" by Jack Wardlaw, , May 3, 1964. g) "A real fantasy: Discovering Natchitoches" by Cynthia V. k) "Historical Drama Plans Progressing" by Pie Dufour, Times Picyaune, March 21, 1971. c) "River Parishes merge beauty with industry" , June 30, 1985. f) -Caddo-Pine Island oil and Historical Society Museum. w) “Class of 1939 to be honored at Alumni Banquet at SLC.” x) Newspaper picture of two ladies reviewing the reunion program, , April 19, 1964. n) -The Lafayette Hilton and Towers, opening Fall, 1983. u) Newspaper picture of Gerald Fannaly announcing his election to student body president in 1956. Mc Kenzie after graduating from the Air Force in 1956. Folder —The Courier, The Weekly Newspaper of New Orleans a) November 27-December 3, 1975 b) December 4-10, 1975 c) December 18-24, 1975 d) December 25-January 8, 1976 e) January 15-21, 1976 f) January 22-28, 1976 g) February 19-25, 1976 h) February 26-March 3, 1976. August 31, 1980 Invitation to Covington Show of Works by John Akers, December 4, 1977 “Beau Cajun” brochure-drawings of Floyd Sonnier Leaflet concerning Morris Henry Hobbs Knight, Kipp. p) "Mardi Gras merrymaking grips social world today," February 22, 1966. s) "Story to Pickwick Club, Comus Traced" by Pie Dufour. ff) "Knights of Momus to hold 63rd parade..." by Pie Dufour, February 17, 1966. b) "Silver on Mississippi: On Balance, Optimism" by Patrick J. ff) Preservation News, National Trust for Historic Preservation, November 1983. March 1-April 15, 1974 Guide to LSU Anglo-American Art Museum-The English Wing Price, Anne. o) "Carnival luck could run out,..." by Colin Leinster. r) "Rex's 85th, Comus' 86th parades feature 'Greatest Free Show'," March 2, 1965. c) "Historians take a second look, At Populism and seeds of reaction" by Roy Reed, n. d) "Tenates' Union from state prodded New Deal to left, Professor Says," , November 6, 1974.


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