Draw A Picture To Solve A Math Problem

Draw A Picture To Solve A Math Problem-59
Let’s talk about how to solve word problems with pictures.

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Her tutoring goal is to help each student understand their learning style so they can improve the speed and quality of that learning.

Another benefit of using pictures when solving word problems involves communicating the results.

The pictures act as justification for answers, make the problems easier to understand and therefore, secure the learning process. She has twelve years of classroom teaching experience and holds a Virginia and Florida teaching license in middle school mathematics and elementary education.

Let’s take a look at how to solve a word problem using pictures: This answer is reasonable Visualizing a word problem with pictures is a strategy that will help motivate many students to begin the process of solving them.

This works especially for students that may become bored by the excess amount of words instead of numbers or for those students who become overwhelmed by the information and want to break it down into a simpler form.


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