Drinking While Intoxicated Essay

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And often this influence is absolutely imperceptible either to the driver, nor his passengers, but it can suddenly remind of itself in the most critical and inopportune moment.

Thus, even at a low degree of intoxication after a couple of glasses of vodka, whiskeys, and beers, when the dose of alcohol in the blood is only 0.2-0.5 ppm, a man increases craving for risky, aggressive driving, sudden maneuvers, need for speed.

However, the driver can not accurately determine the speed of other vehicles, for example, when overtaking, bends and turns, deteriorating perception of volumes and the size of surrounding objects.

At a dose of alcohol near the 0.5-0.8 ppm, after a couple of beers, two whiskeys, 3-4 shots of vodka or brandy the speed of adaptation of pupils is reduced, deteriorating the response to changing of lightning and above all – a red light, reactions starting to slow down and getting dull.

Exactly one year from the accident, I was tried and convicted of both felony charges, which carry a sentence of 14-and-a-half to 24 years in prison. But because of the decision I made to get behind the wheel of a car, my life has been permanently affected.

I will serve 21 years, or 85 percent of this sentence. I was a college student who thought this could never happen to me. I was charged with two felony counts--driving-under-the-influence (DUI) manslaughter and DUI serious bodily injury. When I woke the next day, I felt indescribable sadness, depression and anxiety.Not only had I taken the life of a young girl, but my life had been taken as well.Also we can prevent drunk driving by putting ignition interlocks in their vehicles.Today it is hard to meet a person, who does not know that the one should not drive after drinking the alcohol.This horrifying experience seemed to be a nightmare.It wasn't until I was told Donn'elle had died that I became aware that this nightmare was indeed a horrible reality.Everyone should have the right to drink but if you act irresponsibly, your right should be taken away.Each person is liable to suffer the consequences from endangering others.I will never forget the screaming and crying that I heard that night.When the police arrived, I was questioned, handcuffed and arrested.


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