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Students must apply for the MEng Program independently from the Ph D and must be enrolled in the MEng Program (i.e., dual enrolled in the MEng and Ph D) before taking the MEng core courses.In order to complete the program in only one additional year, a 4 1 must complete the required internship the summer between the undergraduate degree and the start of the MEng program.The MEng core courses may be available to undergraduates who have been admitted to the 4 1 program on a space available basis.The MEng program charges tuition by semester, and payment by credit is not available in the fifth year.Generally, Duke won't allow a gap greater than three months between a student's senior year and the transfer of credits from the student's undergraduate program into the MEng program.Note that being accepted as a Ph D student does not guarantee acceptance as an MEng student.Note that students will generally receive their MEng degree at the same time or after receiving their Ph D.Duke undergrads can earn a bachelor's degree and a Master of Engineering degree in just five years through Duke's progressive 4 1 Masters program.You get a head start in this accelerated program by taking graduate level courses during your senior year. Note that no matter when you apply, you'll remain an undergraduate for four years before becoming an MEng student in the fifth year.Students should register for these MEng core courses separately from their Ph D courses under their MEng “bookbag” and will be billed for these courses separately from their Ph D.Other MEng courses to be utilized to fulfill the MEng requirements may be taken at anytime while a Ph D student, before or after enrolling in the MEng Program.


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