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For the past year their rented house was so cold and damp that their youngest son, just nine months old, suffered with bronchitis.The family also had to share a bathroom and outdoor kitchen leading to restricted use of the facilities and conflict with other families.It is a catalyst for civic activism and a stimulus for community-based organisations.

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Safe homes and neighbourhoods, in which residents are satisfied with housing conditions and public services, help to build social stability and security.“When I saw my house, I wanted to move in immediately and start living there,” was mother-of-two Rosily’s enthusiastic response to her newly rehabilitated house in Tamil Nadu, India.

Halfway across the world, when the Boxing Day tsunami struck Southeast Asia in 2004, Rosily and her children were away, but when the family returned to the devastated region two weeks later they discovered that the walls of their brick house had cracked and steel beams were protruding from the roof.

When families have a home where they feel safe and secure they will draw together as a family unit to love and support one another.

There is also an added sense of pride and dignity that comes with a decent home which translates to a hopefulness for the future well being and success of the family.

Being the fastest growing economy certainly points to the fact that our country is growing rapidly, and might even become developed in the next decade or two.

But that will not be enough for the impoverished citizens for whom development has been stagnated for years together and their representation has been barely visible.

Eradication of poverty depends on the development of the nation.

Poverty will hence exist as long as the developmental issues stay in power.

There is plenty enough research showing that growing up in an unsafe environment not only affects children’s health seriously but also as a result of this their attendance at school (and ability to get a degree or diploma).

Ana Maria and Rodrel live with their three small children, Shanely, Marlon and Alan in a neighbourhood nestled in the centre of Chichicastenango, Guatemala.


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