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A paper on global warming, for example, might end with a recommendation to reduce carbon emissions.

A paper on global warming, for example, might end with a recommendation to reduce carbon emissions.Alternatively, you could follow the "closing with a rhetorical question" model, finishing your essay by identifying questions unanswered by existing literature.The conclusion of research paper should indicate its significance without claiming too much territory, according to Northeastern Seminary.

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Gallaudet University has identified several common conclusions for research papers students can use as models.

For example, the "closing with a recommendation" script allows the writer to summarize points raised in the paper as part of a suggestion to the reader.

They avoid getting into the horrifying task of reading the entire paper line by line and chapter by chapter.

However, it is true to some extent that the abstract of a research paper does provide some necessary information that helps student guide through the process.

You cannot give your summary the required finishing touch if you don’t read every section of the paper.

In the chapters where the writer has used different methods or explained procedural working or processes of a certain phenomenon, you need to understand it to a degree from where you would be able to analyse how the writer was able to conclude results coming out of such methodology.Therefore, one should have a better understanding of how to evaluate and examine a particular research paper and summarise it according to its content specifically.It is a common habit found among the young and immature students that they assume the ‘abstract’ of the paper to be serving as the summary for them.In this theory, the writer and text are unrelated, and the writer's original intention is unimportant to understanding a work.A final element of a good research paper conclusion is suggestions for future research.It is your responsibility towards the paper and its author to produce an accurate summary.Leaving out important points or projecting wrong results related to the paper will clearly kill the purpose of the research paper that was written by another author.Concluding a research paper seems to be a less tiresome job than actually creating a research paper.Students assume that it may not consume their enough time and efforts if they are assigned to create a summary of an already existing research paper. It is unmistakably true that the process of research paper writing is a lot rigorous type of work to do.However, you must be careful to identify potential weaknesses and shortcomings in your paper.For example, you might mention that your analysis of the mating cycles of frogs could be wrong due to questionable temperature controls potentially damaging the frogs' eggs, or that your review of ancient Greek philosophical texts was hampered because you had to use translations of the original material instead of reading the original Greek versions.


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