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If there is not a clear way of universal communication, there will be chaos.

If there is not a clear way of universal communication, there will be chaos.

They see them as cliquish people unwilling to assimilate”.

(1) Because of all these issues, I want to emphasize that it is better if people know how to speak English even though they were born in different countries.

Most of the kids who weren’t born in the US then suddenly moved to the US didn’t know how to speak in English until they got here, and their parents or teacher taught them how to speak in English.

Another case like my friend’s case is kids who their parents are from other country like Mexico and can’t speak English, so when the kid was born and grew up, he or she will start speaking in Spanish instead of English. argues, “Rather than refusing to learn English, today’s immigrants actually abandon their first language much more readily than previous generations.

We all know US is a very diverse country, so they might feel shocked when they moved to the US because they are seeing different races, skin colors, and color of the eyes, hair, etc.

Others will have culture shock because that’s not the way they used to see.Generations later, they were still speaking German at home; a small number were even monolingual in German despite being born in America.Only with America’s entry into the first world war did German-speakers drop their suddenly unpopular language.It has a specific relationship to the world, which one cannot ignore.Information about our culture is mainly passed down from generation to generation through the word of mouth and written stories.Ben doesn’t know how to speak English because his parents taught him how to speak Tagalog because that is the main language in the Philippines.When he went to school, he was having a hard time to socialize and talk to his classmates because he didn’t know how to approach them if he only speaks Tagalog.I have a friend who was born in the Philippines, but raised in the US.His name is Ben, and he is twenty-one years old now. He was young way back then, but his mother sent him to school sooner after they moved.That made it natural for many of them to speak the language from the old country at home.This is one thing some English-only advocates say they don’t like about the “new” immigrants.


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