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This location is approximately 45 minutes away from River Falls and its purpose is for people to drive to go see new movies that are being released.Throughout this movie, there was always something going on no matter what.American Sniper is by far one of the best movies I have seen in theaters. marine’s goal of going to Iraq was to hunt down al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi while they would go in and out of houses searching for him.

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The audience realise that he is under control, confident, and a very capable soldier.

This helps them to feel confident that he is very good at his job an will be successful in his mission, reinforcing his heroic status.

When a member of the Taliban appears in his sights he keeps him in his crosshairs watching his every move.

Every few seconds the camera cuts back to Chris’s face which stays completely emotionless.

American Sniper begins by discussing the life of young Chris Kyle, who grew up in Texas. While he was in training he met the woman of his dreams and they eventually got married. He shot them both because they were trying to attack the U. “He is distracted by memories of his war experiences and argues with Taya over bootleg footage of U. Marines shot dead by enemy sniper “savages””(Plot Summary).

His father would show him how to shoot a gun and hunt for deer. After enlisting he was eventually accepted for seal training and then became a U. When Chris was home, his wife told him that she “wishes that he would focus on his home and family more”.

Even when the Taliban fighter aims an RPG at the American Humvee his emotions stay the same.

At this point, without showing any change in his breathing or emotions, Chris takes his shot and kills the Taliban soldier.

The life that she had to live was very tough and having to raise their two kids on her own wasn’t easy.

The story line and actors play a very important role in this movie.


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