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The Dynamic Core and Global Workspace hypotheses were independently put forward to provide mechanistic and biologically plausible accounts of how brains generate conscious mental content.

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Conscious processes arise spontaneously and display intentionality, i.e., for the most part, each is about something (Brentano, 1973).

At any given moment, this content comprises a unified “scene” that can be shaped either by a limited selection of exogenous sensory input, by endogenous constructs generated from stored memories, or by some combination of the two.

By contrast, the thalamic intralaminar nuclei, which project axons widely to all cortical areas, are notable in that their destruction can result in a permanent loss of consciousness (Bogen, 1997).

The corticothalamic system of any living animal displays spontaneous patterns of neural activity whether that animal is conscious or not.

At the outset, it is important to distinguish primary sensorimotor consciousness from higher-order consciousness (Edelman, 1992, 2003).

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Primary consciousness occurs in animals lacking any linguistic capabilities, and is an essential process even in humans.

Our own efforts to account for key aspects of consciousness at a biological level have taken two forms.

The first involved the proposal of a neuroscientifically based global brain theory commonly referred to as Neural Darwinism (Edelman, 1978, 1987; Edelman and Tononi, 2000).

This relationship allows for a strictly biological account of phenomenal experience and subjectivity that is consistent with mounting experimental evidence.

We examine the constraints on causal analyses of consciousness and suggest that there is now sufficient evidence to consider the design and construction of a conscious artifact.


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