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He formulated a System of Duties: Perfect duties and Imperfect duties.

Perfect duties are to be followed in all circusmstances.

Thomas Aquinas (1274-1275) was the proponent of Divine command theory. She might not have based her decision on self interest, nor on consequences, but rather on something higher like God.

God has given her this child to birth and care for.

As per the article given in website, there are two groups of people: Pro-choice and Pro-life. They consider it unethical to take away a woman’s right to decide over their own body. They raise arguments that abortion does not liberate women, but allows society not to cater to women’s needs.

They say that what women need for equality is not free access to abortion but to be given what they need to survive financially and socially as mothers. Here they raise question that why woman or couple did not take precaution instead ?

They argue that men see the risk of pregnancy as something that stops men having sex when they want it.

If men are to achieve full sexual freedom it is essential that abortion be freely available to backup contraception.

Abortion is the most controversial subject when it comes to ethical issue. Prochoice people regard right to control one’s own body as a key moral right.

Ethical issues in abortion involve a constant battle between freedom and life. If women are not allowed to abort unwanted feotus they are deprived of this right. A woman has the right to decide whether the foetus remains in her body, therefore a pregnant woman has the right to abort the foetus Pro-life advocates say that the right to life should always outweigh the right of an individual to equality or to control their own body.


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