Essay Cell Phone Use While Driving

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I have witnessed distracted driving with my friends.

My friend missed an exit on the freeway because of a distraction.

Drivers under 25 are the main culprits of sending text messages and emails while driving.

This makes them the main group of distracted drivers.

A television ad campaign could be a secondary campaign. Take, for example, the anti-smoking advertisement campaign.

From a study from Teen Health and the Media, “Americans spend about one-third of their free time . The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted research and discovered critical information.An anti-distracted driving advertisement campaign would reach millions of teens and young adults across the country.In this way, technology becomes an extremely resourceful route to promote safe and proper driving.These results came from a study conducted by Pew Research Center.Teens go online every day to utilize social media and the internet.Out of more than 100 scholarship applicants, Tittle & Perlmuter is excited to share the two winning essays.Driving down the highway, zooming to reach the correct exit.The car skids off to the shoulder of the road, spinning 360 degrees. Sending that text had the potential of ending two or more lives.Young drivers in today’s world have numerous distractions, which prevent them from focusing on driving.Ending distracted driving is a colossal task in a world of never-ending technological advances.Multi-tasking while driving is a hazard, and technology use is the most common temptation.


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